Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Easy Lace Headband

An easy, quick project for that extra birthday gift you might need! The headband ties at the back of the head.

8 ply Bendigo Cotton (Gauge: 22 stitches/30 rows for 10 cm square using 4mm needle or whatever size needle required to get gauge).
Photos shown in Honeydew and Light Teal in the children’s size.
For adults, cast on 126 stitches. (Finished size: approx. 62 cm by 4.5 cm blocked)
For children (4-6 years), cast on 110 stitches. (Finished size: 58 cm by 4.5 cm blocked)
Row 1: K1,P1 until end.
Row 2: P1, K1 until end.
Row 3: K1,P1, *Purl until last 2 stitches, K1,P1(This is the wrong side of the headband).
Row 4: P1, K1 * Knit until last 2 stitches, P1,K1.
Row 5: P1,K1, K8, *yf, sl1,K1, psso, K6 until last nine stitches K9.
Row 6: As Row 3
Row 7: P1,K1, K6, *K2tog, yf, K1, yf, sl1, K1, psso, K3 ending last repeat K7, P1, K1.
Row 8: As Row 3.
Row 9: As Row 4.
Row 10: As Row 5.
Row 11 and 12: Repeat Row 9 and 10.
Row 13: K1,P1 until end.
Row 14: P1, K1 until end.
Row 15: Cast off loosely. (Tip: if cast off is too tight, use a needle one size up to cast off).
Dampen the headband and block out into the desired shape.  Weave in the ends.

Happy Knitting!

You are free to sell items made by your own hands using this pattern if credit is given to the designer, but do not sell or distribute the pattern.

When crediting the designer please reference “Easy Lace Headband by Estelle McDonald” and where appropriate link to the A Passionate Yarn website for the pattern.

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