Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Easy Funky Flower Coasters

Easy cotton coasters for the last minute gift or a cheerful addition to your table. Excellent for using up small odds and ends!

What you will need:

Yarn: Small quantities of 8ply Cotton (around 5g). Used Bendigo 8ply cotton in Daffodil, Honeydew, Light Teal, New Ochre, Blush and Papaya.

Needle:  4mm needles

Notions: 1 tapestry needle for weaving in the ends.

Gauge: Not important

To Make the Coaster:

Cast on 21 stitches.
Rows 1-2: 2 rows garter stitch.
Row 3: K8, P2, K11
Row 4: K2, P9, K2, P6, K2
Row 5: K8, P2, K11
Row 6: K2, P9, K2, P6, K2
Row 7: K8, P2, K11
Row 8: K2, P5, K2, P2, K2, P1, K2, P3, K2
Row 9: K4, P6, K1, P4, K6
Row 10: K2, P4, K11, P2, K2
Row 11: K6, P11, K4
Row 12: K2, P4, K11, P2, K2
Row 13: K5, P9, K1, P3, K3
Row 14: K9, P3, K3, P4, K2
Row 15: K3, P5, K5, P6, K2
Row 16: K8, P5, K8
Row 17: K3,P6, K3, P7,K2
Row 18: K2, P4, K15
Row 19: K6, P10, K5
Row 20: K2, P3, K11, P3, K2
Row 21: K5, P5, K1, P5, K5
Row 22: K2, P3, K4, P3, K4, P3,K2
Row 23: K5, P3, K4, P4, K5
Row 24: K2, P4, K2, P11, K2
Row 25: Knit
Row 26: K2, P17, K2
Row 27-29: Knit 2 rows
Cast off. Block square and weave in ends.

Note: A couple of small errors were detected in Rows 17 and 22 and have been fixed. My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

You are free to sell items made by your own hands using this pattern if credit is given to the designer, but do not sell or distribute the pattern.

When crediting the designer please reference “Easy Funky Flower Coasters by Estelle McDonald” and where appropriate link to the A Passionate Yarn website for the pattern.

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  1. There is still a problem with the pattern. around rows 10 -13 or so . I'm not experienced enough to know how to correct it.